Monday, 18 June 2012


How cool is the image below?  It was created by one of my excellent year 9 Textiles students Jess Woods using Polyvore- a really cool tool that helps to create 2D moodboards- you should all have an experiment.  You can create a 2D moodboard using a range of their images- which incidently are products that are currently on sale (so there is the added bonus of shopping at the same time!)
Take a look and investigate!  The blog post previous to this is me having a bit of a play by typing in the wor 'old'.
Enjoy and well done to Jess my first year 9 student to complete their mission!  Keep an eye on this blog- they are all beavering away at some exciting little bits which I have promised to share on here- watch this space!
Over and out,
Miss Miller

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