Wednesday, 13 June 2012


So in the first lesson as year 13s we managed to cram in a whole host of activities related to our new project.  We mind-mapped, played with smart materials, explored Miss Miller's 'memory box', learnt some simple new techniques to better our presentation using two particularly cool websites poladroid & dafont, [tried to] set up our blogs (who knew that the group of super-intelligent students I currently teach coul be challenged by my 84 year old great aunt when it comes to the internet!) and on-the-whole really got to grips with old, new, borrowed, blue.

We also spoke about what we could learn from year 12 in order to make year 13 even better.  Including:

* recording and reflecting using our own blogs (also a great thing for creative people to have for uni applications)

* using technical language (making use and writing down the key words in every lesson)

* much more independent work (not just what I set- but more, more, more)

* taking ourselves out and about more to improve the amount of primary research we have

* making notes and bringing our Textiles note books to every lesson

So tasks for this week (and there were quite a few but aaaaah who cares?! Let's strike whilst the iron is hot!)

1. Finish setting up your blog.  Have a look around the internet at other blogs.  Whilst doing so try to find 5 artists/designers linked to O,N,B,B. Email me the links to your blog.

2. Collect things together linked to one, some or all of the words from O, N, B, B and set up a still life.  Photograph or bring into school for Friday's lesson.

3.  Buy yourself an A3 sketchbook and get started beginning to fill with title page/ mood board- whatever you see fit but just get busy getting as excited about the project as I am!

Here are some of the photographs from my 'Old' still life.

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday

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