Monday, 26 November 2012

Tim Walker


It has been a long time and a super busy term.  There has been lots on lots of changes and huge amounts of fantastic work produced by a whole host of year groups.  More of that in a blog post to follow soon.

Now trips form a huge part of all of your research.  It is a good idea to try and take yourself off to an exhibition at least once a half term.

If you're an AS level Photography student you have already been to see this exhibition, but if not you must get yourself there before it closes at the end of January.

I came across Tim Walker 4 years ago at an exhibition at the Design Museum.  I had temporarily put him to the back of my head- at the time I was overwhelmed by final year at university.  It wasn't until I visited this free exhibition at Somerset House that his magical spell was re-bound!

It is debatable as to whether Walker's pieces are art or photography.  His work is described as 'extravagant in scale and ambition and instantly recognisable for their eye-opening originality, Walker’s photographs dazzle with life, colour and humour.'

I cannot say enough how much you should go to visit this exhibition, whether you are an Art or Textiles student, and whether it fits in your your current project or not you will genuinely be blown away!

Get yourself along to Somerset House- just a short walk from Charing Cross Station.  Entry is free and it is open until 27th January 2013.

Miss M :-)

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Jenine Shereos

Isn't the internet a wonderful thing! Came across this artist whilst doing some research for Year 13. Really interesting work made from human hair. Weird but also very beautiful.  She also does some intricate lace patterns based on tree's shadows.

Hope you're all having a great start to the term and the creative juices are flowing

Mrs Doig

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Written Work

The written part of both the GCSE and A Level courses are where lots of people slip up.  With this part it is definitely quality over quantity.  I have created a document to help you to do this and have attached it below in case you happen to misplace it.  As the document states do not answer with simple sentences, your written content should be written in paragraphs and extended sentences.

I am always more than happy to read over written work before you present it in your book/folders.  Just email it my way.


Miss M :-)

Monday, 27 August 2012

Inspiration Comes from Anywhere!

Now must be the time when everyone is beginning to panic a little because although they had good intentions of getting their summer I.S out of the way at the start of the holiday the reality is actually they still have quite a lot to do (stop reading now if you have finished all of your work- sit back, relax and enjoy the last week!).

Whatever you have been up to over the summer use it as a source of inspiration.  Even if you feel it doesn't quite fit into your project- it will!  Use photographs you have taken or newspapers or magazines you have read- work over the top of leaflets you have picked up or diary entries you have made.

Whatever it is make sure you have something to show for your summer.  As always get in touch if you're stuck

Look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks,

Miss M

Fran Giffard

Despite being hidden in the depths of the Tuscan hills for the past month (ok, well I am actually 100m from the coast but it sounded much more descriptive) I have just come across the work of this incredible artist.

She has recently graduated from Camberwell College of Art and so isn't millions of years older than you lot.  She uses old diaries as the background for her multiple species of birds.  She uses only horizontal lines to produce these beautiful pieces and loses nothing in the overall appearance of the subject matter.  For me personally, it is not simply about the subject but the way which it is present.  

Art work doesn't have to formal.  Sketchbooks don't have to be neat, tidy and brand-spanking new.  Consider working into an old book or taking inspiration from Giffard and digging out an old diary or note book and working over the top.  

Her are some images of her beautiful work taken form her website

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Year 13 Textiles Alert!

Here is a cool little inspiring project to have a gander at over the holidays. Perhaps make a record of it in your sketchbook?

Hope you're enjoying yourselves, chilling, enjoying some sun and doing a teeney bit of work (it'll pay dividends next year).

I wont be there on Thursday for results (I'm currently sunning myself in Tuscany), but I should know them by the time you do. Email me with any queries, concerns or panics and I will reply pronto. Remember you knew nothing about Textiles when you started in September and your second unit was loads better than the first, so whatever the outcome we can build on it.

Will be thinking of you.

Miss Miller

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Newspaper Fashion

As part of Enrichment week 75 year students took part in a Newspaper Fashion workshop.  Their brief was to design and make a unique and creative garment using only newspaper and masking tape. They spent the day folding, tearing, cutting, sticking, bending, stacking and any other verb you care to imagine.

The outcomes were phenomenal and despite them being the youngest members for the school we felt it necessary to share some of the outcomes in order to inspire older years.

They worked superbly throughout the whole day and appeared to thoroughly enjoy did the staff- thank you to all involved, particularly Miss Cove and Mr Matthews for taking the photographs.

I'll leave you to peruse a few of the finished pieces whilst also wishing everyone a happy holiday!

Miss Miller

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Year 9 trip to Hasting's

Lady luck was with us on Tuesday 17th July for a jaunt to the sunny Sussex coast of Hasting's, and what a day we had!
Mrs Tomic, Mr Chubb, Mrs Austin and myself took 45 year 9 Art and Graphic Design student's on an inspirational drawing, rubbing and surface collecting excursion along the wind swept beach.
Our first stop was the amazing fishing boats and huts, where we encountered some crazy seagulls, fisherman and fish, rope and nets. Perfect for finding and creating textures. We even had some brave paddlers in the sea!
We then walked down the lanes and took the funicular railway upto the top of the cliff for lunch, relaxing and admiring the spectacular view. 
It was then time for some ice cream and fun on the fairground rides!
A fantastic day all round.  Be sure to use your research to help you with your summer I.S!

Miss Cove :)

Saturday, 14 July 2012

POP at the Fashion & Textiles Museum

On Tuesday evening Miss Cove and I took ourselves off to a teachers evening at the FTM. The current Pop exhibition explores the 1950s/60s movement in fashion. Highlights include items from Elton John’s personal wardrobe, purple flares worn by Donovan, the pop-art fashions of Mary Quant as well as Quant’s early modernist pieces from the original Bazaar.

After mooching around the exhibition we were treated to a presentation from Sheila Ayton- an unsung fashion hero and Wallis designer for 40 years. Her interesting talk on her love hate relationship with couture made me wish I grew up 30 years earlier.

Here are some images of some of the work. Get yourself there. £5 for you lot.

Miss Miller