Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Year 9 trip to Hasting's

Lady luck was with us on Tuesday 17th July for a jaunt to the sunny Sussex coast of Hasting's, and what a day we had!
Mrs Tomic, Mr Chubb, Mrs Austin and myself took 45 year 9 Art and Graphic Design student's on an inspirational drawing, rubbing and surface collecting excursion along the wind swept beach.
Our first stop was the amazing fishing boats and huts, where we encountered some crazy seagulls, fisherman and fish, rope and nets. Perfect for finding and creating textures. We even had some brave paddlers in the sea!
We then walked down the lanes and took the funicular railway upto the top of the cliff for lunch, relaxing and admiring the spectacular view. 
It was then time for some ice cream and fun on the fairground rides!
A fantastic day all round.  Be sure to use your research to help you with your summer I.S!

Miss Cove :)

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