Sunday, 1 July 2012

Life this Week

So this week has been absolutely crazy. On Monday we had our visitor from the examiner, Wednesday was Creative Explosion- the Art, Textiles, Product Design, Media and Photography work fest, Thursday year 11 Prom and Friday overnight into Saturday I had my Duke of Edinburgh hat on and was supporting 30 year 10s to run around the beautiful English countryside!

Monday and Wednesday combined had to be up there as one of the proudest moments of my teaching career so far. Work that has in some cases taken months to complete was exhibited for everyone to see. It was so nice to see people's genuinely impressed reactions- we have been looking at and working with the outcomes for months now but for some people it was the first time of seeing them and from the comments on the night and since-they loved it! At times, year 12, it's been hard but whatever your plan for next year you must all be super proud of what you have achieved since walking through the door and not having a clue what Textiles even was!!

Here are some photos I took when the work was prepared for the examiner...

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