Monday, 27 August 2012

Inspiration Comes from Anywhere!

Now must be the time when everyone is beginning to panic a little because although they had good intentions of getting their summer I.S out of the way at the start of the holiday the reality is actually they still have quite a lot to do (stop reading now if you have finished all of your work- sit back, relax and enjoy the last week!).

Whatever you have been up to over the summer use it as a source of inspiration.  Even if you feel it doesn't quite fit into your project- it will!  Use photographs you have taken or newspapers or magazines you have read- work over the top of leaflets you have picked up or diary entries you have made.

Whatever it is make sure you have something to show for your summer.  As always get in touch if you're stuck

Look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks,

Miss M

Fran Giffard

Despite being hidden in the depths of the Tuscan hills for the past month (ok, well I am actually 100m from the coast but it sounded much more descriptive) I have just come across the work of this incredible artist.

She has recently graduated from Camberwell College of Art and so isn't millions of years older than you lot.  She uses old diaries as the background for her multiple species of birds.  She uses only horizontal lines to produce these beautiful pieces and loses nothing in the overall appearance of the subject matter.  For me personally, it is not simply about the subject but the way which it is present.  

Art work doesn't have to formal.  Sketchbooks don't have to be neat, tidy and brand-spanking new.  Consider working into an old book or taking inspiration from Giffard and digging out an old diary or note book and working over the top.  

Her are some images of her beautiful work taken form her website

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Year 13 Textiles Alert!

Here is a cool little inspiring project to have a gander at over the holidays. Perhaps make a record of it in your sketchbook?

Hope you're enjoying yourselves, chilling, enjoying some sun and doing a teeney bit of work (it'll pay dividends next year).

I wont be there on Thursday for results (I'm currently sunning myself in Tuscany), but I should know them by the time you do. Email me with any queries, concerns or panics and I will reply pronto. Remember you knew nothing about Textiles when you started in September and your second unit was loads better than the first, so whatever the outcome we can build on it.

Will be thinking of you.

Miss Miller