Monday, 27 August 2012

Fran Giffard

Despite being hidden in the depths of the Tuscan hills for the past month (ok, well I am actually 100m from the coast but it sounded much more descriptive) I have just come across the work of this incredible artist.

She has recently graduated from Camberwell College of Art and so isn't millions of years older than you lot.  She uses old diaries as the background for her multiple species of birds.  She uses only horizontal lines to produce these beautiful pieces and loses nothing in the overall appearance of the subject matter.  For me personally, it is not simply about the subject but the way which it is present.  

Art work doesn't have to formal.  Sketchbooks don't have to be neat, tidy and brand-spanking new.  Consider working into an old book or taking inspiration from Giffard and digging out an old diary or note book and working over the top.  

Her are some images of her beautiful work taken form her website

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  1. Thank you for writing such lovely things. I am so happy you like my work. I have a solo exhibition opening in London this September. If you would like to attend the private view, please email me.

    All the best