Sunday, 10 June 2012

And so it begins....

Having dabbled in blogging whilst at university combined with exploring opportunities to make our lovely learners more reflective and to record their thoughts, experimentation & progress we have decided to set up our very own Art & Textiles blog.

If I am completely honest in addition to the above I have also been hugely inspired by both Couldsdon College Blog and Gayle Bicknell- I have just returned from a very peaceful week in Greece and when the sun became unbearbale at midday I retreated to my room, making full use of the free wifi and explored both of these blogs right back to their conception.  So very well done to the both of them and a big thanks for the inspiration!

It is hoped that this blog will become 'ours'.  A space, or forum, where we can share information about our work, pose questions, find out about current exhibitions, upload photographs and lesson resources/notes to and generally be massively inspired by in order to drive our work forward, get the most possible out of the course and provide you lot with a wider learning experience.

Sometimes I will post, some times Mrs Doig and other teachers will and it is hoped that the new school year will also bring us some shiny new department bloggers who will look after it each week as part of their community service.

Either way I am excited and you should be too- we have embraced the 21st century!

I am going to sign off now, because unfortunately for me, having spent the whole week relaxing in the sun I now have an exam paper to create for year 9 for first thing tomorrow morning, I am leaving you with some snaps of Kos, Greece.

Miss Miller

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  1. Glad to hear we've been inspirational :) Can't wait to see more posts from you, so far it looks really exciting!